Friday, September 17, 2010

AL-FATIHAH~ Hafreez in memories~

Our dear friend, Nik Hafreez Afiq Mohd Ghazali (Programme Manager of The IIUM Chocolate Fair) has left the world before us. A loving son and a truthful friend, he died at the age of 24. On the 2nd day of Syawal, after Allahyarham had his sahur approximately at 3am (after spending the whole night chatting with his family),he went for sleep which was meant to be his last.

Ketika lawatan ilmiah ke Qatar

Bekas Ketua Pelajar SMU(A) Tarbiah Mardhiah

Doctor certified his death occured 2hours after his last sahur. And his death was due to ischaemic heart disease (insufficient supply of blood to the heart causing damage to the heart muscle).

Let us pray that his soul will be placed amongst the soliheen. May this also serve as a reminder to all of us. Death wait for none. May this life we live manifest our preparation when we finally meet our Creator. Aameen..Al-Fatihah~

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