Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.: Le Tour de CONVEST '10 :.

A very memorable Saturday when Le tour de CONVEST '10 was held successfully.

Thank you Allah for granted us with such precious moments.

Convest'10 convoy organised by Publicity and Promotion Department lead by Br. Adib Fakhrullah Azmi, purposely to promote all sub-programmes under CONVEST '10 as well as CONVEST '10 itself towards the community of International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan campus..

This convoy was participated by 90 committee members from Central Departments, sub-programmes and in conjunction programmes. 10 cars, 1 van and 1 bus were escorted by IIUM security and marshall from PDRM; they helped a lot in ensuring the smoothness of our journey to the East (say bye to the red traffic light;p )..After a short briefing by Br. Muhammad Azwan Fadhli, we departed from IIUM Gombak and arrived at IIUM Kuantan approximately at 2.30 pm.. After we had our lunch, Br. Muhammad Aklil Ayob, Vice President 1 of SRC 09/10 a.k.a President of SRC Kuantan delivered his short remarks in welcoming us to IIUM Kuantan..Followed by speech by Br. Muhammad Firwan Norliza, ex-officio CONVEST'10 a.k.a President of SRC 09/10 on behalf of Le tour de CONVEST '10.

Mission started. We went to all corners of IIUM Kuantan including brothers' mahallah which are located outside the campus.. some of us set up a booth at cafe while another committees move to every room to distribute the flyers and promote their respective programmes..

Special thanks to DJ MKA & DJ Remy from IIUM.fm who enliven the cafe atmosphere.. Mission accomplished! before we set off to IIUM Gombak at 7 pm, photography session was something we shouldn't miss out. Together with SRC Kuantan's President and his committees (really appreciate your helps), several photos which will refresh back our precious memories in Kuantan were taken.. 12am,"welcome home!"said 'pak guard'-_- ..tired+fatigue+exhausted?? yes,of course..but then, we have had a wonderful experience during the convoy,will always there in mind..and always will be;)

Thanks to all who participated,

especially the representatives from :

Opening Ceremony

Seminar on Exploring The Future Of Islam and Muslim World

The IIUM Chocolate Fair


Enhancing Aqeedah Through Scientific Discoveries in Al-Quran

Grand Exhibition

Grand Forum

Palestine Tomorrow will be free

Intervarsity Mega Futsal


Pub & Pro Central and

Each Departments..

Jazakumullah khairan jaza'~

...........Some of the Le Tour de CONVEST '10 pictures..........

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